The applicants can choose their research topic freely within all academic areas.


    • Chemistry (CHE),
    • Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC),
    • Economic Sciences (ECO),
    • Information Science and Engineering (ENG),
    • Environment and Geosciences (ENV),
    • Life Sciences (LIF),
    • Mathematics (MAT),
    • Physics (PHY).


Each fellowship will last 30 months, assuring proper project implementation.


Fellows will be hosted at USAL and they will have the opportunity and freedom to choose their destination for two secondments. Thus, fellows will have a mandatory period at USAL during the first 24 months (except for a voluntary secondment which should be started at least after 6 months at USAL), and a mandatory secondment during the last 6 months of the fellowship, as indicated below.


Fellows will be encouraged to undertake a stay in a Partner Organization for a period of up-to 6 months, which could be split into shorter periods (neither of them may be shorter than 1 month).


Fellows will spend up-to 20% of their fellowship in a non-academic entity (large company, SME, non-profit institution, museums, libraries, hospitals, etc.) for a more market-oriented period, lasting for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.


Fellows will be assigned a suitable supervisor and MENTOR. A list of potential supervisors is available in section MEET OUR SUPERVISORS.


USAL4EXCELLENCE will offer tailored support that will help fellows understand and adopt best practice in research. All fellows will be expected to attend relevant courses (on-line training, face-to-face training or events). Many of these courses will be delivered at a local level by departments, faculties and institutes, both as part of the USAL teaching programme and as standalone courses. All these courses will be available at this link.


The total fellowship cost consists of a living allowance (3,880 EUR per month), a mobility allowance (475 EUR per month) and a family allowance (500 EUR per month). Please notice that these are contributions without deducting employer and employee social contributions. The remuneration after deducting employer social contribution will be approximately as follows: 3,700 EUR per month (if the candidate is eligible for family allowance); 3,300 EUR per month (if the candidate is not eligible for family allowance). This remuneration is the total compensation based on previous three components: living allowance, mobility allowance and family allowance. The net salary will result from deducting employee social contributions as well as direct taxes to these amounts. Additionally, the remunerations may vary annually depending on the Social Security rates. The rate indicated above is for researchers working full-time.


The USAL4EXCELLENCE fellows will be hired by the USAL as researchers of the COFUND Programme, under a local research employment contract, compatible with all national and regional legislation, in line with the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Law 14/2011, and following the guidelines provided by the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (guaranteed by the HR award that USAL received in 2019), to which the beneficiary is signatory. Foreign employees are entitled to Social Security benefits in Spain.